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Charleston bay harbor

"I am fortunate enough to have been giving tours since 1996.  It's nice to meet new people, day after day, and introduce them to the great city of Charleston."

-Tommy Dew

Southern Living

"Charleston's Top 5 City Tours."

Darius Rucker Interview

Where Magazine

Q: "When out of town friends come to visit, where do you like to take them to show off the city?"Darius: "...Every week that I'm home, there is a guy coming in to write.  You know, Tommy Dew is a friend of mine and he's got a tour down in Charleston and I get 'em all to do that because his tour is so awesome.  Every time they're in town and they've got a few hours, I tell them to take Tommy Dew's one's ever said it wasn't anything but great."​

Wall Street Journal

"...Tommy Dew's historical circuits are among the most in-depth."

TripAdvisor Review

"This sets the bar for what a walking tour is supposed to be like."

One of the best walking tours that I have ever been on. Tommy has lived in the area for almost 40 years. He is very well versed in the history of the city and can talk about just about anything. He also puts the history in perspective in a way that a non native can understand. He framed the forces that brought about the plantation system. He explained the divergent evolution of the economies of the north and south and the asymmetric population growth that led to the south being marginalized and pushed to secede. I was blown away at how he synthesized these ideas and gave the group insight into what it was like to be buffeted around by these forces. He was also able to discuss other aspects of history and technology. Finally, Tommy is a charming man. I told my wife (to her dismay) that if I'm ever back in Charleston, I would be happy buying him a drink and listening more. We took two other tours during our stay and Tommy was in a class of his own. Not to be missed!

TripAdvisor Review​​

"Best walking tour I have ever been on.  Have taken it 3 times and would rank it as excellent every time.  You haven't experienced Charleston without taking this tour."

Square Review

Tommy came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. The utter depths of his knowledge of Charleston’s history was impeccable. We walked away with a new perspective of Charleston, and it’s role in American history. 5- stars!

TripAdvisor Review

"Real History; a MUST do tour when in Charleston!"

This was one of the best tours we’ve been on, ever! Tommy has a depth of knowledge not often seen in guides and his years of experience combined with local experience means you will not be disappointed. We know our history and we were very impressed with his ability to contextualize a very complex Charleston past, and tell the whole story. You will learn a lot and the storytelling approach that Tommy uses is really entertaining; our tour was over all too quickly. He will answer all of your questions, about architecture, flora, storms, and recent political history. Excellent tour all around, I will recommend to friends and take it again when I return to Charleston!

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